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N-DELTEX – torsionally flexible cam coupling

Torsionally flexible cam coupling with damping effect, for compensation of shaft misalignment

N-DELTEX couplings are push-fit, fail-safe and easy to mount. The elastomeric element compensates for shaft misalignment and absorbs shocks from motor and driven machine. They are characterised by their compact dimensions, low weight and low moments of inertia. N-DELTEX couplings are made of high-grade cast iron; their elastic elements, made of synthetic rubber (Perbunan), are available in various grades of hardness. Practically wear-free interaction between metal cams and elastomeric elements.

N-DELTEX couplings are available in three different versions for torque values between 57 and 8,400 Nm.


Synchronous version SK

If the torque exceeds the preset value, a relative movement between the driving and driven elements occurs. Transmissible torque is reduced to a small residual value.

The bearings are displaced from the recesses in the locking disc. When the load returns to the permissible range, the bearings – due to the special pitch of the disc recesses – can only re-engage after a further rotation of 360°. Driving and driven elements are always in the same position relative to each other (other engagement positions such as 180° are also possible).