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DELWEX - the flexible shaft coupling

Characteristics of the DELWEX gear shaft coupling

  • Double cardanic tooth gear coupling
  • Maintenance-free due to the material combination of steel and nylon
  • For all applications in the field of general engineering and hydraulics
  • Axial plug-in, easy assembly
  • Compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment
  • Finish bore according to ISO fit, keyway according to DIN 6885 sheet 1 — JS9 and P9

Characteristics of the DELWEX-sleeves (material: polyamide)

  • High mechanical consistency and stiffness
  • Favourable slide-friction behaviour
  • High thermal stability to +100 °C
  • Good viscosity even in case of low temperatures
  • Very good electrical insulating properties
  • Good resistance to chemicals

Wear and friction behaviour of the DELWEX-sleeves

Its high thermal stability and resistance to lubricants, fuels, solvents, hydraulic fluids, etc. make polyamide an ideal material for components stressed by sliding, particularly for coupling production. While any metallic materials tend to “corrode” in case of dry running, slide combinations with steel and polyamide remain operational without any lubrication or maintenance.

H is the minimum dimension required for disassembly of the aggregates in a radial direction. Finish bore acc. to ISO standard H7, keyway acc. to DIN 6885, sheet 1 (JS9). Weight and moment of inertia values refer to maximum diameter d without keyway.

Misalignment angular
Misalignment radial
Misalignment angular-radial