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DELTA DB with sprocket


  • Torque limiter with sprocket as ready-to-fit unit 
  • Sprockets with number of teeth and pitch according to customer requirements


  • Automatic equipment
  • door and gate drives
  • adjustment drives
  • belt drives

DELTA DB with sprocket

For optimum torque adjustment and reduced run- ning-in time, we recommend treating both sides of the sprocket as described in Table 2.

Sprockets for roller chains DIN 8187 ISO R606B, sprockets for roller chains DIN 8188 on request. When using double or triple sprockets the smallest number of teeth should be chosen 1 to 2 teeth larger.


When installing sprocket the bushing must be adapted accordingly! Length of bushing = sprocket + 1.5 x thickness of friction disc (see also torque limiters)

Material of sprockets:

C45 or other tempered/case-hardened stee