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DELTA Torque limiters types of Series DB

The cost-effctive alternative for easy torque limiting

DELTA torque limiters Series DB are available as standard torque limiters, torque limiters with sprocket and also with chain coupling. The diffrence between these and the DELTA torque limiters Series DA is that these have a simple adjustment and are used where a precise torque setting is not required. The dimensions of the torque limiters are diffrent from the Series DA. The basic technical structure is the same as in Series DA but slightly simplified. DELTA torque limiters Series DB are not supplied with elastic couplings (DENTEX, DELWEX and DELFLEX).

DELTA torque limiters series DB

Disc spring layers

For torque limiters two different layers of disc springs are possible.

  1. Disc springs in single layer (1 TF, 1 TFD) for torque limiters DB 120 to DB 700
  2. Disc springs in tow layers (2 TF, 2 TFD) for torque limiters DB 120 bis DB 700